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You are tracked

Every transaction in Bitcoin network are stored forever. Your transactions can be found by anyone in every time. Every user has a digital footprint. For your enemies its not difficult combine your identity and your bitcoin wallets and transations. This information may be used to stole or track your funds.

How MixCoins works

MixCoins use several mixing algorithms to protect your privacy


You make a deposit

Mixer generates new address and you make a transaction.



Mixer select clear untraceable coins for your transaction.


Mixcoins send you "clear" coins

Mixcoins send you clear, already anonymous coins, mixed on exchanges


Full clearing

Few times a day mixer uses decentralised exchanges and wallets with SharedCoin algo to mix your coins again. .

Your anonymity is our priority

We guarantee safety of your funds. More than 100 transactions per month

More than 1000 btc cleared. Transactions are automatically deleted

All messages from support will be automatically deleted after 48 hours

We do not use analytics services to deanonymize you

A large amount of transactions guarantees the receipt of fresh bitcoins

We don't use any side-services, that allows to track your transaction

More than 30 trusted private blockchain node

To ensure your privacy we use only trusted nodes all over the world.

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